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To open a dealer account with Best Glide ASE, please register an account.  Your account information will be reviewed and you will be contacted for further information, prior to being able to order from this site.  Please note that this site is for resellers (dealers) only and all purchasers will be asked to provide documentation showing that any sales will be for the purpose of resale, and not for individual use.  We very much apprecaite your interest in Best Glide ASE and our line of Adventurer Series Survival Equipment.

Please note that all resellers are required to offer items purchased from Best Glide ASE and wholesalesurvivalgear.com to their customers at or above MSRP/MAP.  Any violation of this policy may subject the customer to denial of service.  Amazon, Ebay and like selling platforms are no longer permitted to be used.  Any sales must be made at a "brick and mortar" store, traditional sales methods or on a web based service or site owned and operated by the purchaser.

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