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Standard Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit

Brand: Best Glide ASE
Product Code: SK1346
UPC: 854914002441
Package Dimensions: 2.30in x 7.35in x 4.60in
Weight: 21.00oz
Case Qty: 10
MSRP: $69.95
Availability: In Stock
Description: The name says it all, Ultimate. You won't find a better stocked kit for this price and in this small of a package.

The Standard Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit is the next step up from the Adventurer and Military Scout Pocket Survival Tins.  Housed in the very durable Adventurer Survival Kit Box, this kit contains the same high quality items as our pocket kits, just more of them.  It adds even more made in USA and Military Approved items to make this kit one of our, sure to be, best selling survival kits.  The Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit comes in both Standard and Advanced versions, with the Advanced adding a high quality LED Flashlight and Water Purification Straw. This survival kit is assembled in the USA.

The Standard Ulimtate Adventurer Survival Kit is extremely well stocked.  It includes the following items:  (1) Weather Proof Aluminum Container (rubber seal/locking clasps), (1) Adventurer Button Compass (NATO/U.S. Military Issue), (1) Beeswax Tea Light Candle (5 hour burn time, Made in USA), (1) Derma Safe Knife (U.S. Military Approved), (1) BG Personal Sewing Kit w/6 Safety Pins (Assembled in the USA), (1) Waterproof Patch, (2) Water Bags (1+ qt), (10) Micro Pur Water Purification Tablets (U.S. Military Issue/Approved), (1) Coffee Filter (water straining prior to purification), (10) Feet Snare Wire ( food gathering/equipment repair), (1) Adventurer Distress Whistle (SOLAS/USCG Approved), (1) Best Glide Personal Fishing Kit (Assembled in USA), (1) Roll Compact Duct Tape (Made in USA), (2) 8" Industrial Tie Wraps (equipment repair), (10) Feet Type 1A Utility Cord (U.S. Military Approved), (1) Survival Instructions (Made in USA), (1) Trekker First Aid Kit (Assembled in USA), (1) Fresnel Lens Fire Starter (Adventurer Series), (1) Gel Fuel and Fire Starter (Made in USA/U.S. Military Approved), (1) Book Matches (extra matches, just in case), (10) Adventurer Fire Starting Tabs (Adventurer Series), (1) Adventurer Survival Fire Starter (up to 3000 degrees and 1000 fires), (10) Adventurer All Weather Matches (NATO Approved/U.S. Military Issue), (1) Compact Signal Mirror, (1) Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, (1) Adventurer Pocket Wire Saw (Made in USA), (1) Multi Function Pocket Knife, (1) Space Survival Blanket (Made in USA), (1) Silica Gel, (1) Rite in the Rain Mini Notebook (Water Proof Writing Paper), (1) Pencil, and (1) Emergency Contact Info Sticker (Made in USA).

Stock#: SK1346
Series: Adventurer
Wt: 23 oz (approx)
Size: 7.3” x 4.6” x 2.3” (approx)
Assembled in the USA of U.S. and Foreign Components

Minor component substitutions sometimes occur.