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US P-38 Military Can Opener

Product Code: FP1292
UPC: 854914002274
Package Dimensions: 0.13in x 2.25in x 4.00in
Weight: 0.40oz
Case Qty: 40
MSRP: $1.00
Availability: In Stock
Description: The U.S. P-38 is simply a great tool to have on your key chain.

US P-38 Military Can Opener is a simple but highly effective tool for opening cans.  Designed during WWII, it is still used today by the military and in relief operations throughout the world.  The P-38 Military Can Opener is roughly 2/3 the size of the P-51 can opener and small enough to fit on your key chain.  The P-38 Can Opener also does triple duty as a small pry tool and flat head screw driver as well.

Stock #: FP1293
Series: Adventurer
Military Issue (historically)