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Basic Emergency Ration Pack

Brand: Best Glide ASE
Product Code: SK1276
UPC: 854914002427
Package Dimensions: 3.00in x 7.50in x 11.50in
Weight: 1.00lb
Case Qty: 10
MSRP: $21.95
Availability: In Stock
Description: The Ration Pack is perfect for Disaster Preparation as it is air tight and water proof.

Basic Emergency Ration Pack (U.S. Version) also contains approximately 1500 calories of life preserving nutrition, as well as numerous items to stay comfortable, remain warm, keep oriented, and to be rescued.  This is a basic kit to prepare oneself for the natural and non natural disasters that are seen around the world.  This Basic Pack contains a few less items than the Advanced Emergency Ration Pack, but is still sealed in the durable, water proof, sun proof airtight reusable bag that doubles as a water bag.  This kit lacks the Derma Safe Knife, Personal Survival Fishing Kit, Survival Matches (still includes book matches), Basic First Aid Supply and Desiccant. This survival kit is assembled in the USA.

Stock#: SK1276
Series: Disaster
The Emergency Ration Pack is assembled in the USA of U.S. and Foreign Components