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About Us

In 2002, some of us decided to take that trip that so many pilots talk about. A trip that so many of us have already taken and a trip that, hopefully, many more of us will take in the future.

That trip was in a small airplane, a 1958 Cessna 172, and the route of flight took us through the central and northwestern United States, westernAlaska Survival Equipment Canada and into the rugged and beautiful state of Alaska. It was a flight that began in Houston, Texas and ended, 35 flight hours later, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Over the months leading up to the flight, we spent an enormous amount of time attempting to locate and purchase that survival gear which was either required by law or I had deemed necessary to keep us safe in the event of an unfortunate incident. The task was daunting. After shopping multiple locations and paying numerous shipping fees, we still did not find everything we needed. It is because of our difficulty in locating quality aviation survival equipment that we decided to start Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc.

I guess we are a glutton for punishment, because in 2009, we did it again.  This time, our route took a more western route which allowed us up close views of the Alaska Glaciers as well as the rugged coast line of both Canada and Alaska.  As you can imagine, we were much better prepared this time and even equipped those that flew along with us.

It is our mission at Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc. to provide the survival equipment community with a comprehensive selection of quality aviation and wilderness survival related equipment at a reasonable price and in a convenient and timely manner.  We are rapidly and enthusiastically working toward this goal.

Fairbanks Alaska Airport Camping AreaWe at Best Glide ASE will sell only the best quality Aviation, Wilderness and Personal Survival products. If it is not quality, you will not find it here. If we are not willing to trust our lives to a specific product, you will not find it here either. Subsequently, our products will often cost more then their lesser quality counterparts. But as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” We do not settle for less than quality when it comes to our own safety and survival and refuse to ask you to do so either.

In 2010, we opened our second retail website, quickly followed up by our first wholesale website.  In 2014, we opened our first "brick and mortar" retail store in Robinson, Texas (just outside of Waco, Texas).

We at Best Glide ASE were not satisfied with much of the lower quality survival equipment on the market today, therefore, we offer our own line of survival equipment and survival kits, born of experience and knowledge we have gained from being in the survival equipment business since 2002. It is for this reason that all branches of the United States Military, numerous federal government agencies, to include NASA, CIA, ICE, FBI, State Department and others, trust Best Glide ASE for their survival kit and survival equipment needs. We are the only company we know of where you can purchase your own customized survival kit by simply giving us a call. Because of our very large selection of high quality survival gear, we thrive on making your survival kit just the way you want it. This is why numerous organizations have had us design their survival kits, and more come to us each day. Some of these include the FBI, Border Patrol, State Department, DEA and Mission Aviation Fellowship.

You will find that many of our aviation and personal survival items are priced below, some well below, our fellow survival equipment retailers. This isAlaska Aviation Survival Equipment because our main goal is not to make money, but to build something of which we can be proud. To do this, we must center on service….not product sales or profit margins. We very much desire to fill every possible aviation, wilderness or personal survival equipment need a pilot, outdoorsman or adventurer could ever face. Only then will we be happy with our performance.

Best Glide ASE has proudly gained a reputation as the place to go for a selection of high quality survival equipment at fair pricing. As important as Best Glide ASE’S high quality product line is to us, we are just as dedicated to the providing the best customer service in the industry.

As outdoor enthusiasts, all of us at Best Glide know the importance of being prepared.

We are constantly adding new items to our wholesale lineup, most of which are Best Glide innovations. You simply won't find them anywhere else.  We would be proud to have you as our customer.